Ten things you should know

  1. Bottled water is one of the company's key strategic money makers: Nestlé has an annual turnover of CHF 110 billion – of which almost 10% is derived from the bottled water business.
  2. Nestlé has achieved world dominance in the bottled water business – by taking over such leading brands as Perrier.
  3. Nestlé is constantly buying up additional valuable groundwater resources – in order to satisfy the massive demand it has created for bottled water.
  4. Nestlé is taking advantage of the often out-of-date water rights in many locations by operating to the limits of legality – not only in developing countries but also in the USA and elsewhere in the industrialized world.
  5. Nestlé spares no effort in exerting financial, legal and political pressure – on anyone campaigning for water ownership as a public property and human right.
  6. Nestlé is using up precious natural water resources – to create and commercialize "new" water.
  7. Nestlé promotes bottled water with extensive global marketing and advertising campaigns – undermining awareness for the necessity of a functioning public water supply system.
  8. Nestlé promotes itself as a benefactor – by donation and PR campaigns at local level. But at the same time it manipulates public opinion into believing that improvements in production and distribution are having a sustainable effect.
  9. Nestlé creates dependence on bottled water – in particular where public waters supplies are close to collapse, and notably in developing countries.
  10. Nestlé's bottled water business is not simply a business like any other – it is a business with the sole natural resource essential for humanity's survival.